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Welcome to Lucis Design

The word Lucis is a definition of Lux or Light in Latin. 


Established in 2012, Lucis Design is setup to dedicate great Lux design works for all our clients. And to us great design works doesn't mean just providing lighting design work. We do it together with our belief.

About Lucis Design


At Lucis Design, we believe in not just who we are but more importantly is what we do. Our years of working closely with clients in different fields have given us rich experience to achieve great design work.


Over the years, our clients have chosen us not just because of our experience but more importantly, we provide great lighting design works without any prejudice opinion of any brand.



Our Belief


Passion, Integrity and Competence


we believe in going great works for you. And the only way to do great work is to have passion in what we do. While we are doing great works for you, we want you to trust us in our integrity for doing the right things and our competence to manage your expectation




Showcasing the art of illumination


Improving the quality aspects of lighting and their direct environments


It is important to design the best illuminance in accordance with the type of work and the visual task achieving the best aesthetic and efficient illumination. We take serious consideration into the following factors:

Direct glare- specifies two measures to limit direct glare. A minimum shielding angle in all directions is specified depending on the lamp luminance. Also, a Unified Glaring Rate, UGR limit value (UGRL) is specified for every visual task. .


Luminance glare causing reflection- Lighting can also cause interfering reflections on modern computer screens. That is why it is important to control the average luminance. 


Colour rendering index (Ra)- specifies a minimum requirement for practically all tasks.


Maintenance factor- needed to be use to compensates the illumination level reductions when the light yield reduces due to a drop in light output of the lamp or environment factor.



Our Exclusive Partner




In order to achieve great design work, the most important element is to choose the best lighting design software. That’s the reason why we use DIALux as our lighting design software to achieve the best and reliable simulation for our clients.


We are also proud to be one of the accredited trainers for the latest DIALux Evo software. This latest software provides users to design lighting which is not restricted by the boundaries between rooms and spaces.





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