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Industrial lighting is a key element in having a productive and safe workplace especially in manufacturing or even warehouse. Many types of research have shown that by having a bright and refreshing illumination environment, the company is able to energize their staffs which directly helps to increase productivity. Likewise, a poorly lit lighting environment can cause fatigue and eye-strain which may directly lead to a workplace hazard. Therefore, delivering the optimum light levels for performing tasks safely and effectively is extremely important in the industrial segment.

                        A high-powered light luminaire                                         commonly used in area with high

ceiling. The HIGH BAY luminaires are usually used in the industrial environment such as warehouse and manufacturing areas. This type of luminaire provides reliable and effective illumination with wide or narrow angle.


are often used to illuminate environment with different broad

or narrow beam angle. Most commonly used in outdoor environment such as stadium or industrial area, outdoor areas, building facades and rooftop billboards.

          Road Luminaires are used to illuminate the roadway for driving.                              Other than the required illumination level, Uniformity is another important factor in the design. 

Suitable for both direct

and indirect lighting


Batten luminaires can be surface-mount or suspended depending on the

environment. One of the low-cost indoor solution and commonly used with T8, T5 and LEDs.

                          There is no doubt that the key benefits of LEDs lighting are savings in energy consumption and low maintenance due to the technology. We have always focused on comfort and image as the two keys criteria for commercial offices. Lighting is one of the key elements in having a healthy workplace as it affects how we feel and it influences our mood and performance Effectively lit and attractive environments also will help to enhance your image which directly enable you recruit and retain high-value employees, customers’ perceptive and increase the total value of your facility.

This luminaire could be used for industrial and office building application which helps to increase the security safety purpose. The luminaire IP Code, which represent the International Protection Marking ranges from IP65 to IP69 and therefore it can use in the outdoor environment.

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