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Lighting Design and Simulation
Lighting Design and Simulation is an important process and element in a building planning. Our experienced lighting designers will design the best lighting position according to the illumination level required. A detail analysis is then done to simulate the end result.
Task and Specify Area
Important areas where specifically user need to achieve the required illumination level. In many cases, concentrating on certain area within a design plan can helps to reduce unnecessary cost.
Uniformity Level
Achieving consistence illumination thoughout the whole design plan is almost impossible and costly. There's the reason why acheivng a good uniformity is important.
Calculation Surface Point
This is one of the important elements within the art gallery, advertising and tertiary areas. This calculation can determine whether the required illumination and uniformity can be achieved.
UGR Observer Point
Bad design or product can cause discomfort glare where our vision may be impaired. Our UGR observer point can be position into areas to determine the UGR level.
Lighting Efficiency Report
Lighting account to about 11 percent of energy use most of the time. This report helps provide a better understanding balancing between efficient use of the energy load and illumination needed.
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