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Getting the lighting just right in an office is important. This can be achieved by pointing the right lighting levels onto a task area such desk top or meeting table. Computer glare can also cause significant eye strain and anyone that works in front of a computer for most of the day knows how difficult it is to stay productive with improper lighting.



An area where safety is a primary concern and adequate illumination is also a key factor in maintaining high worker productivity. Significant increases in productivity and safely level can be achieved by a proper lighting design. A factory’s lightings should also meet certain minimum requirements in order to be cost-effective because improper application of lighting design can result in excessive lighting that waste energy.

Retail and Commercial


Lighting in a retail commercial environment is complex, and not just because of the aesthetic and business considerations that are necessary. The lighting is generally designed for those who occupy the space transiently with the aspiration that a sale will take place. Colour rendering is an important area to consider especially when selling fashion apparel. If the colors are true and the products are seen clearly, retailers can expect to see the increase in sales. The ambience in the place can also create a unique shopping experience and attract the customers into coming in.



Even through that there is no standard requirement in our home, lighting design can helps to match the correct theme or interior design. Without a proper good lighting design, you may be wasting time and funds even with hiring the best interior designer. Importantly, this is the place where you will be resting after a long day of work.



Places where you host your guests and make them happy. As owners and operators of hotels, dining and resort facilities, you need to create sustainable and engaging environments that support comfort and relax experiences. The main reason of creating a good lighting design in these areas is to create good visual conditions to reach comfortable ambiance.

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